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SelfEspress℠ is the online self-publishing toolset for the Espresso Book Machine (EBM). The SelfEspress platform provides powerful writing & cover creation tools that allow you to collaborate with people as you write, and turn your finished work into a professional looking paperback or ebook with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can use SelfEspress to create any type of book, from a personal family history to an epic novel, which you can choose to print only for yourself or make available for sale to others. By streamlining the file creation process and linking directly with EBM locations, SelfEspress makes it easier than ever to create and order your very own book from your local EBM. SelfEspress offerings include:
  • The Writing Tool helps you organize the contents of your book and generates a fully formatted interior file based on your choice of professional book design template
  • The Cover Tool allows you to add text and images, choose typefaces and colors, and creates a cover file that corresponds perfectly with your book’s trim size and length
  • Throughout the publication setup process the site collects any necessary metadata, and even assigns an ISBN if you choose to sell your book
  • At any point you can collaborate with friends, family members, editors, or anyone else you’d like to work with, allowing designated collaborators to view the project, provide feedback, or even make changes or additions
  • If you need any extra help, SelfEspress provides professional editorial, design, and project management services, among other things
  • Ordering books from an EBM has never been easier, and there are no minimums so you can purchase as many copies as you want, when you want. Place an order with the EBM location of your choice and have it shipped directly to you or pick it up in person
  • SelfEspress also generates ebooks, so you can easily create a print and electronic version of your work in one go
  • Projects can be Private so the book can only be ordered by you, while you also have the option to offer your work for sale in the SelfEspress Marketplace, via EBMs worldwide, and even online through distribution partners like Amazon, Ingram, Barnes & Noble, etc.
Learn more at! It’s free to sign up and begin a project (you don’t pay for anything until you’re ready to publish) so we encourage everyone to try it out. We’re pleased to offer a discount to the first SelfEspress users: enter the coupon code Launch15 to receive a 15% discount off of any publication fees associated with your book.

Advantages of Printing with the EBM

EBM paperbacks meet publishing industry standards, and are printed on acid-free paper so your book won’t deteriorate with the passage of time. Books can be printed on a variety of interior papers and cover stocks, so you control the look and feel of your book.

There are no minimum print runs, so you can print as many or as few copies of your book as you want, when you want. You can offer your book for sale or keep it private (printable only by you) - whichever best suits your project. Books can be printed for in-store pickup, or ordered remotely and mailed to you.

Green Technology
Printing on demand, on site reduces waste and eliminates the need for shipping books, thereby reducing the environmental impact of printing a book. Excess material generated by the printing process is recycled whenever possible.

The EBM’s EspressNet
For many authors, printing a book is only the first step. Now you can also make your book available for sale through Espresso Book Machines worldwide. The EBM’s EspressNet makes it possible for your book to be accessible to anyone interested in your work, even if they live in another state or another country. Should you elect to sell your work through EspressNet, all sales are tracked and royalty payment flows directly back to you.