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Publisher Program

A New Digital-to-Print Channel that Dramatically Expands the Availability of Your Titles

Many bookstores, libraries, and universities around the world are hosting the Espresso Book Machine® (EBM), making millions of titles available via the EspressNet® software and producing quality paperbacks in minutes at point of sale. The EBM is not a print-on-demand solution, but a powerful new digital-to-print channel that eliminates lost sales due to out-of-stock inventory. Our pricing strategy is similar to the e-book agency model (less reasonable print costs assumed by the retailer), meaning high margins to publishers.

The EBM provides a new marketing platform for your partnership with bricks-and-mortar booksellers. Booksellers can now actively market, cross-sell, and stimulate impulse buys for your entire list. And you and your retail partners can now use social media and other direct marketing tools to drive sales of your titles in-store or via the retailers' website.

Contact us to learn more about participating in the EBM program.

Benefits to Publishers and Content Aggregators:

  • New sales channel
  • Same margin as conventionally printed books
  • Support bricks-and-mortar retailers
  • Actively drive sales through marketing in partnership with EBM installations
  • No returns, shipping, supply-chain, inventory costs
  • No lost sales due to out-of-stocks
  • Keeps books in print
  • Green technology that eliminates pulping of books and fuel for shipping

Some of the participating publishers and content providers already taking advantage of the EBM channel:

Lightning Source Macmillan Source Books

Perseus McGrawHill Harper Collins

Random House Hachette Book Group Taylor

Hebrew Bibliotheque-Nationale-de-France Internet Archieve

Simon & Schuster W.W. Norton Sterling