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The EBM Hardware

Put simply, the Espresso Book Machine® (EBM) is a "bookstore in a box" for retailers, an additional sales channel for publishers, and a great vehicle for self publishing.

Readers can order books online or onsite at bookstores and libraries—global search capability with local print fulfillment. Within a few minutes a book emerges, in any language, with a full-color cover, trimmed to an exact size, and virtually indistinguishable from the publisher's version.

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EBMs have been installed worldwide in bookstores, libraries, and universities (see the complete list). The Xerox D95 Copier/Printer—part of the technology thanks to a partnership with Xerox—adds speed and exceptional image quality.

Its compact size is ideal for space-conscious environments such as retail stores and libraries: the combined overall footprint is 64" (1.6 m) H x 35" (0.9 m) D x 81" (2.1 m) W.

Books can be any trim size between 4.5" x 5.0" to 8.25" x 10.75" (11.4 cm x 12.7 cm to 21.0 cm x 27.3 cm). Page count can range from 40-830 pages on smaller trim sizes and 40-240 pages on the largest trim size.

EspressNet's digital catalog of content connects EBMs to a vast network of millions of titles from Google Books, Lightning Source (participating publishers include Random House, Hachette, McGraw-Hill, Simon & Schuster, WW Norton, Macmillan, among others), the Internet Archive, and other content providers, including self-published authors who have permissioned their titles to our worldwide network.

The EBM is CE/UL certified and C-Tick certified. It complies with the following safety certifications: RoHS/RoHSZ, CE, WEEE.

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